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Overnight Boarding

Our overnight guests experience all of the luxuries we have to offer! During the day, they join our daycare dogs for exercise, fun and play. In the evening, they retreat to their own personal suite for dinner and some rest. Then, at 10pm (just like at home!), our staff returns to give them one last snuggle session and potty break. We make it out top priority to make sure that your dog is as comfortable as possible during their stay.

We also are happy to provide any baths, toenail trims and ear cleanings during their stay that you request. Medication is administered per your instructions free of charge.

Suite Type at Pine St and Williston Rd 1st Dog 2nd Dog (Same Family) 10 Night pkg
STANDARD Kennel $45* $36 (20% discount) $405
DELUXE Kennel $55* $38.50 (30% discount) $495

*Stays over 7 consecutive nights automatically receive 10% off the first dog’s boarding fees.

  • Check in: it is best for your pooch to get to spend some time playing with friends before bed time (so early in the day is best time to drop off)
  • Bring your dog early so they can play before going into the overnight kennel; it costs no more than arriving later
  • Check out at our Pine St location: 6:30am-10am Mon-Fri and 8am-1pm Sat-Sun
  • Check out at our Williston Rd location: 6:30am-10am Tue-Fri and by appointment on Sat-Mon
  • Extended stay during the weekdays to 1pm is available for $18 and after 1pm $30. On weekend days a $30 rate applies when picking up after 1pm.

When your dogs spend their nights at Play Dog Play, their stay includes daycare play along with the dogs who are here for daytime care.

What sets us APART?

Both locations host limited numbers of state of the art boarding suites. This means your dog is one of fourteen to twenty dogs staying with us rather than being one of over a hundred. This allows us to provide excellent care and evening potty breaks to all of our overnight guests just like they would receive with you at home.

What do I need?

After your pooch has interviewed, they are welcome to come to board at any time. You are welcome to bring any blankets, bedding, chew toys, treats, food and anything to help it feel a little more like home. Also, feel free to provide any instructions you might find helpful. We are glad to accommodate specific feeding times, medications and anything else your pup needs while here.

About our suites

Our Pine St facility is equipped with twelve professional veterinarian grade standard suites as well as two deluxe suites (excellent for giant dog breeds or two dog families).

Our Williston Rd facility hosts fourteen state of the art standard size suites and one deluxe suite.

Each suite is equipped with large elevated cot beds, water and food bowls. While in our care, pets are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water, which is continuously checked and refreshed.

Food, Treats and Medication

Food and treats will be given in accordance to your instructions. Please use plastic containers or bags when bringing food to the facility, and you do not need to bring any food or water bowls. We are happy to provide dry food at $5 per day. Medicine is administered free of charge upon request.


Cancellations within 24 hours of your dog’s scheduled arrival will be charged for the first night’s stay.

Holiday cancellations must be received 7 days before the scheduled drop-off day in order to avoid $90 cancellation fee. 2 nights minimum stay is required during holiday time.

Spa Services offered to our boarding visitors

Bath service is $20 for dogs weighing under 100lb and $26 for dogs over 100lbs.  Nail clippings are $15, ear cleanings are $10 and a Furminator brushing is $25.

What is required?

Proof of current rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), DHPP and Canine Influenza Virus vaccines are mandatory for all dogs prior to admission. All vaccination records can be faxed to us by your vet anytime at 802-540-0540.