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Private Lessons & Behavior Consultations

benefits and what to expect

Customized private consultations are conducted at our Williston Rd Training Center or in your own home.  These consultations are offered by Play Dog Play’s trainer Ross Gruber. During private sessions, your trainer will work directly with you to coach you on the skills necessary to achieve a well-trained and balanced dog. These sessions are designed to teach your dog to how to relax and learn, encourage consistent communication between you and your pet, all while moving at your pace and targeting the skills and behaviors that are important to you.


3 session package: This is our most popular package. It is designed help you understand and resolve your dog’s unwanted behavior. Our trainer will work with you to teach you how to consistently and effectively work with your dog through a training program customized to meet your needs. $349.00.

5 session package: This package provides the best opportunity for owners to really understand their dog’s behavior on a deeper level. It provides great amount of time for you to work with our trainer in order to address bad habits and encourage good behavior. $499.99.

Board & Train Program: This is an intensive lifestyle training program. Your dog will stay overnight at our Training Center and receive multiple private sessions with our trainers. Many dogs benefit from the added structure provided by overnight stays in our facility. Please contact us at scheduletraining@playdogvt.com for pricing and details.

To discuss these training packages or to schedule a session please email us.



“My husband and I contacted Play Dog Play to help socialize our rescue pup, Scarlett. They were very accommodating in finding a time that worked for our schedules and Ryan even agreed to come to travel to our home 25 minutes north of Burlington. Ryan immediately went to work with us on tools and training techniques we could work on at home independently with strategic goals in mind to help us monitor her progress. Ryan brings with him a wealth of knowledge and has been very helpful in not only giving us instruction but explaining the psychology behind it. Since our relatively short time working with Play Dog Play, we’ve seen Scarlett blossom into a more confident, trusting and outgoing pup, and we are looking forward to continued training with Ryan!”

– Kristen, Dan, Scarlett & Finley


“I want you to know that we have done 5 puppy classes in the last 25 years and this was the best. Ryan is great. I love how he always has time to talk about your personal concerns. He also obviously loves and respects dogs and that carries over in everything he teaches. The method was great as well and even though I feel I did not do too well with the homework (maybe I’m a late bloomer or a slow learner!) I feel I can continue to improve forever with what I have learned.”

– Jennie & Basil


“Until we adopted our “whipador” Astro, he’d spent his entire life in a shelter. While well socialized with dogs, his interaction with people and the world in general had been extremely limited making him quite timid and skeptical of just about everything. Based on recommendations from friends, we sought out Play Dog Play for daycare a few days a week to get him a bit more acclimated with the world and used to a place we could utilize for boarding. After several months of regular visits, he went from acting like we were about to abandon him at drop-off to whining with excitement when we simply turn the car onto Pine Street.
Astro’s timid and fearful attitude posed some problems in our day-to-day routines.  His recall, even in our home, was difficult and while on leash our sweet, adorable dog turned into Cujo when he saw another dog or person he deemed “odd.” We reached out to Ryan at Play Dog Play for several training sessions and he taught us techniques that worked almost immediately in improving Astro’s behavior. One of the main things we learned is that we needed more training than Astro did!  Ryan has great anecdotes to make the training make sense in our human brains and its been a great benefit for both us and Astro. While Astro is still a work in progress, we definitely appreciate the training we’ve received and the care Play Dog Play provides.”

– Jen, Eric & Astro