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Puppy Playgroup

Some pups charge right in and are the life of the party from the get go. These pups might even be so enthusiastic that other pups choose not to interact with them. Other pups are a bit more cautious and take time to become socially engaged. These pups might initially choose to hide behind you and watch the other pups play. Wherever your puppy starts off on the socialization spectrum, moderated puppy play groups are a vital part of their learning to be comfortable with their own species as well as people outside of their home.

Who can come to Puppy playgroup?

Our puppy playgroup is open to all pups ages 8 weeks to 16 weeks.

Where does the Puppy playgroup meet?

Currently our puppy playgroup meets at our 668 Pine Street location in Burlington.

what are the benefits?

Puppy Playgroup is a great opportunity for your pooch to develop play skills with other puppies in a safe and supervised environment. 8 to 16 weeks is the age of the primary development phase for puppies when they most easily learn. This is also a critical socialization period for your puppy. All sessions are supervised by our experienced dog handlers and at the end of each session you will receive a report card for how your pup did during the playgroup.

What is required?

Please email us at info@playdogvt.com to sign your puppy up. Be ready to provide his/her current age-appropriate vaccination records. Negative fecal might be requested. Your veterinarian or you are welcomed to fax the records over to us at 802-540-0540 beforehand to avoid delay at the drop off. No interviews are required for the little pups!

Are DROP-ins allowed?

Drop-ins are welcome as long as there is space available (15 puppies is our current limit). Please plan to arrive early for your first visit to fill out necessary paperwork and bring your pup’s current age-appropriate vaccination records.

what happens once my pup is 16 weeks old?

All playgroup attendees of at least 2 playgroups will have their behavior evaluated. We will let you know if your puppy successfully graduates into our regular daycare after their last puppy playgroup session and once they are at least 14 weeks old.

Playgroup is fine but do you offer classes?

We got you covered here as well. Check out information about our upcoming K-9 Kindergarten classes!