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Pet Supply Store

Our store at the Pine St location carries a variety of premium dog and cat food as well as other pet supplies from local Vermont companies and trusted brands in the U.S. and Canada.

Stop by to talk to our knowledgeable staff members about your pet and their dietary needs. We’re here to help! While you’re here, check out our selection of treats (grain free options available!), toys to entertain a dog of any age, and a variety of home and grooming supplies.

Don’t see the formula you’re looking for in your favorite brand? Are you looking for a special type of treat or toy? We can special order it! 

California Natural Dog Food

California Natural: The California Natural brand is simple recipes with simple ingredients. All formulas are designed to help a dog stay healthy with completely natural ingredients from around the world.

Formulas available: Lamb & Rice; Lamb & Rice Low Fat; Chicken & Rice; Herring & Sweet Potato; Grain-Free Venison. Chicken and Rice Puppy


Taste of the Wild Pet Food

Taste of The Wild: High quality dog and cat food for a great price! All formulas are completely grain-free, making it easy (and beneficial!) to switch around protein sources for your dog.

Formulas available: High Prairie; High Prairie Pup; Pacific Stream & Salmon; Pacific Stream & Salmon Pup: Wild Fowl; Sierra Mountain; Southwest Canyon: Rocky Mountain (Cat)


Blue Buffalo Pet Food

Blue Buffalo: Designed with their signature “LifeSource Bits”, a supplemental boost of antioxidants and vitamins already included in each formula, Blue Buffalo has everything your dog needs!

Formulas available: Chicken & Rice; Lamb & Rice; Fish & Sweet Potato.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness: The Wilderness line in Blue Buffalo is grain free and has been designed to mimic our pet’s ancestral diet. If you want to give your pet what they would eat in the wild, Blue Wilderness is it!

Formulas available: Duck; Chicken; Salmon; Chicken (Cat).


Orijen Pet Food

Orijen: Orijen is currently the highest quality pet food on the market. Each bag is produced with the exact same novel ingredients; if there is a shortage with the ingredients they don’t produce the food! Made with whole protein sources, Orijen is grain free and is designed to give active dogs the protein boost they require.

Formulas available: Adult Chicken & Poultry; Regional Red; Six Fish; Puppy.


Acana Pet Food

Acana: Orijen’s more affordable brand, Acana is more for the budget conscious pet owners. Although the main protein source is meal (ex. salmon meal), it’s comparable to the whole protein’s protein level. Acana doesn’t fill their food with carbohydrates and gives your dog the same energy boost as Orijen would, only cheaper!

Formulas available: Pacifica; Wild Prairie; Ranchlands.


Image result for nuloNulo: Similar to Orijen, Nulo uses animal based proteins to give your dogs the energy source they need to stay active and healthy. All of its formulas are grain free and use varied protein sources for those picky pups! When compared to similar foods, this brand is very affordable and easily mixed with raw food if you’re looking for a way to cut costs but get the most for your dog’s nutrition.Formula’s available: Salmon and Peas; Turkey and Sweet Potato; Lamb and Chickpeas; Chicken and Cod (Cat)


Holistic Select Pet Food

Holistic Select: Like Innova, Holistic Select has the approach to your pet by using wholesome ingredients that addresses your pet as a whole and not a sum of parts. Their philosophy is that if a pet’s digestive system is happy then the rest of them will closely follow.

Formulas available: Chicken & Rice; Anchovy and Sardine & Salmon; Adult & Kitten Chicken (Cat); Anchovy and Sardine & Salmon (Cat);


Eagle Pack Pet Food

Eagle Pack: Eagle Pack is a wonderful solution for a pet owner in a fix. Along with being very affordable, Eagle Pack uses rice as one of their main ingredients, which make it great for pets that are having stomach troubles. It contains no corn in any of it’s formuals Also if your pet is completely out of food, Eagle Pack is very easy to switch them to and won’t cause any additional problems.

Formulas available: Pork; Lamb


Zignature Pet Food

Zignature: Zignature is one of the most hypoallergenic pet food out there; free of potatoes, grain, chicken, eggs, glutens, tapioca, corn, and soy, it’s nearly impossible to get simpler than that! Each formula has less than eight main ingredients, which makes it fantastic for dogs with sensitive systems! Are you sick of feeding your dog lamb and turkey? Zignature has their duck formula, an emerging novel protein on the market.

Formulas available: Turkey; Lamb: Wild Trout; Duck; Kangaroo; White Fish; Venizon


Don’t see the formula you’re looking for in your favorite brand? Are you looking for a special type of treat or toy? We can special order it!