This 2-week (10+ training days) program is designed to fully cover the basic obedience skills necessary to enjoy a happy, well-mannered dog. In addition to training during the days, your pup will spend nights in one of our standard 4’x6’ boarding kennels. This service includes a take-home session at the end of each training week (2 total) as well as an additional hour-long follow-up session to be used at the owner’s discretion. At the end of the first week you should plan to take your dog home with a structured schedule to follow until drop-off on Monday morning. Included in the cost is an appropriate collar for your dog’s size and temperament as well as e-mail support.

2-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN - $1,750

3-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN - $2,500

This 3-week (15+ training days) program offers all the benefits of the 2-week Board and Train with an extra 5+ days of repetition and an additional weekend take-home session (3 total). This option is available to all clients but is suggested specifically for those with reactive dogs. Eliminating reactive behavior relies on creating real-life moments and reinforcing non-reactive choices— an additional 5 days of practice goes a long way towards sustainable change.

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