These sessions are available upon completion of a training program or approval by the trainer


Once you’ve completed a training program with your dog, additional single days of training can be purchased as tune-ups, supplements to private training, or just to give your dog a day of stimulation outside of their usual routine. These sessions can be scheduled Tuesday through Friday. We’ll look to give your dog some exercise, stimulation, and of course some structured training time while they stay with us during the daycare hours. For some dogs this might mean a portion of the day is spent in daycare, others might go on a walk with the trainer outside of the facility in addition to training sessions.


For clients that have received approval, and need additional help socializing their dog, 2-hour socialization windows can be set up as frequently as you and the trainer decide. These sessions must begin between 11am-3pm (Tues.-Fri.) so that the trainer has enough dogs in the facility for social purposes. These sessions are meant to be short and sweet and, in some cases, can set your dog up for regular daycare access at the Williston Road Training Facility. Clients are required to provide proof of the following vaccinations prior to their initial socialization session: Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Canine Influenza, Distemper, and Rabies.