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Training Contact Form

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Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our training offerings.

All new training clients start by filling out our contact form. Once submitted, you should receive an email response within two business days of your submission to schedule a FREE in-person evaluation or FREE follow-up phone call.


By providing us with accurate information we can recommend the programs we think are right for you and your dog in our follow-up meeting or phone-call.

Dana & James

It is a tough draw in life to have a highly reactive ‘unwalkable’ dog, but thank goodness for Ross Gruber. Ross is an experienced and talented dog trainer, and he is dedicated to staying on top of advances in his field.  Ross is hard working and kind, and truly cares about the dogs and their owners.  He formulates strategies tailored to individual families so that the good behaviors can extend beyond the training sessions to everyday, real world scenarios. Thanks to Ross, our ‘unwalkable’ dog is now delightfully walkable and we’ve learned a host of other effective strategies to greatly improve her behavior around the house.  Ross is deeply invested in achieving the best possible behavioral outcome and it has been a pleasure working with him. Our family gives Ross our highest recommendation for all of your training needs! 

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