• Loose-leash walking

  • Heel

  • Polite greetings

  • Place

  • Down with duration

  • Foundation for off-leash recall

  • Mild behavioral issues (pulling on leash, nuisance barking, jumping on guests etc.)

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In-home sessions are available after evaluation and initial sessions occur in controlled environments. 

Locations that require more than 10 miles of travel will incur an additional fee of $.60/mile.

Private lessons allow us to target the skills that are important to you. We are happy to cover any number of issues that dog owners experience from jumping on guests and excessive barking, to working towards a reliable off-leash recall or a down-stay. Private lessons are generally run on a weekly basis, giving the owner time to apply what they’ve learned in the sessions in the home environment. Once we have conducted our initial sessions at Play Dog Play, we can move our training to the environments where we need it to be reliable—most frequently this means in-home sessions, or working in public parks.

All new clients start with the 5-session package where a trainer will work 1-on-1 with you and your dog before moving to the $75/per session pricing. Sessions typically last between 1-1.5 hours.

5-Session Training Package - $699 (basic training gear included in price)

$75 per session after initial price

60-90 minute sessions