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Play Dog Play requires completion of a trial day before a dog can regularly attend daycare or boarding at our facilities. Trial days are available Monday through Friday at our Pine Street facility.


Your pup will be provided individualized support throughout their first day with us to ensure we are setting them up for success! A dedicated handler will shadow them in social groups to help them navigate the group setting. Read more about our daycare group structure!


Trial days are scheduled in advance and are first-come, first-served. We allot up to 3 spots per day for trial day spots. 

Trial days are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30am-5:30pm. 


In order to attend your scheduled trial day, we require the following:


  • Pup is 7 months of age or older

  • Must reside in Vermont for at least 6 months each year

  • Completed Customer Agreement

  • Completed behavioral questionnaire

  • Added card on file to account for payment

  • Proof of vaccination for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (Canine Influenza strongly encouraged but not required)

**If any of the previous requirements have not been met, we will cancel your scheduled trial day and ask that you reach out to reschedule once all requirements have been met. All forms must be completed by 12pm the day before your trial day.

Our goal is to make sure your dog has the most positive experience while attending daycare. A dedicated handler will support them directly in our social groups during their trial day. We will provide a morning group session and an evening group session. When your pup is not in a social group, they will be provided solo time in a crate or kennel.


Your dog must be able to settle in a crate or kennel to utilize our services. If at any point during the trial day we feel our environment is not a beneficial fit for your pup's needs, we will notify you and ask that you pick up early. 

Please complete the trial day request form below. Shortly after receiving your request, our team will set up your account and reach out with next steps to schedule your trial day!


I would like to say thank you all so much for the wonderful initial visit we had on Wednesday [5/25/22]. I was impressed with your operation and staff that were extremely knowledgeable and welcoming to Chief and I!

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