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Our overnight guests experience all of the luxuries we have to offer! During the day, they join our daycare dogs for exercise, fun, and play. In the evening, they retreat to their own personal suite for dinner and some rest. Then, at 10pm (just like at home!), our staff return to give them one last snuggle session and potty break. We make it our top priority to make sure that your dog is as comfortable a possible during their stay.

Both locations host limited numbers of state-of-the-art boarding suites. This means your dog is one of fourteen to twenty dogs staying with us rather than being one of over a hundred.




Play Dog Play requires trial days for all dogs prior to their attendance in daycare or boarding at our facilities. Read more about our trial day requirements and get started here!

* Holiday surcharge of $5 per dog per day applies for stays over Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

Vaccines: Before your pup attends our facilities, we require proof of the following vaccines:

Daycare and boarding facilities are a high-risk environment for the spread of Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza, and we want to protect all of our dogs and keep them happy and healthy. 

As of 4/25/22, the Canine Influenza vaccine is strongly encouraged but no longer required.

Age and Status: Boarding is available for puppies 7 months or older. 


Pine Street Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times:

Williston Road Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times:


You are welcomed to bring any blankets, bedding, chew toys, treats, food plus anything else to help it feel a little more like home. For safety reasons, please do not bring in glass or ceramic containers.

Feel free to provide any instructions you might find helpful; we are glad to accommodate specific feeding and medication schedules.


Our Pine Street facility is equipped with twelve professional veterinarian grade standard suites (4ft x 6ft) as well as two deluxe suites (8ft x 6ft - excellent for giant dog breeds or multiple-dog families).

Our Williston Road facility hosts fifteen state-of-the art standard suites (4ft x 6ft).

Each suite is equipped with large elevated cot beds and water and food bowls. While in our care, pets are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water, which is continuously checked and refreshed.

Thea & Roger

Our dog, Phantom, adores Play Dog Play. They are our only choice for playtime or boarding!


The staff is wonderful. They are on top of everything - appointments, food, snacks, etc.

There is an obvious sense of unconditional love and respect! Everyone is great; we feel very safe bringing Lulu here!

Tom & Leslie


We have you covered!  Grooming services are available for any pup in our care.


Due to the exclusivity of our boarding operation, boarding reservations are set up in advance.

When making boarding reservations, please plan accordingly for our pick-up and drop-off times.

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