Loving Pup Parent

Kind, attentive, and knowledgeable staff. Play Dog Play is the only daycare and training center I trust my precious canine to.


The staff have always gone above and beyond to deliver the highest level of care and love to our senior dog

I love how wonderfully socialized Charlie and Bella have become and tired when home.


I love everything about Play Dog Play: great staff, sunny smiles, treats at the front, the viewing window, online viewing and vets on-site for shots!


I love that I get more of a report when I pick up Frankie than I do when I pick my four year old child up at preschool.


You have never seen such happy dogs - ever!


The staff are great! Warm, loving to our pooch, and very professional. We never worry about our dog having a fun and safe stay at Play Dog Play.


Great staff! My pup LOVES them.


I love that my dog LOVES to go to Play Dog Play


Staff: fantastic. Environment: superb. Space: clean and beautiful. Thank you!

Loving Pup Parent

The staff! Not just anyone can make you and your dog feel so special

Loving Pup Parent

Everything! The staff, reports on pooch, connection with what happened during the day, live cams, events like a holiday open house!

Loving Pup Parent

The staff is so friendly, and they go the extra mile to cater to our dog's needs.

Loving Pup Parent

I LOVE Play Dog Play because of the knowledge and care of the staff as well as my dogs are so happy when they go!

Loving Pup Parent

I love how much you love my dog and how tired she is at the end of the day!


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The entire staff has perfected the art of being both dog-centered and owner-centered. Thank you!


Yoshimi has a chance to get all of her wiggles out under supervision. She's learned great coping skills and play etiquette by being at Play Dog Play.

Lea Joe

The staff is amazingly friendly and knowledgeable. Our dogs are always so happy to hang out in their loving care. We could not imagine a better place to care for our pups!

Loving Pup Parent

Clover Lane is our yellow lab baby. Clover has been going to Play Dog Play every day since she was 3 months old. It is now 4 years later. We love everyone at Play Dog Play. The one-on-one training, the staff's ability to know the needs of every dog, and above all the unconditional love they give Clover each and every day. It makes us very happy because she can't wait to get in the car and go to Play Dog Play!

Michelle and Lisa

We are always 100% confident that our Jassy will be safe, well cared for, and have fun!


I love that Hobbes knows the way here and sprints down Birchcliff Parkway to get to Play Dog Play.


Working a full time job, I thought I'd never get to take my family dog up to Vermont with me. Thanks to Play Dog Play, even my awkward boy can have a fun day while I'm at work, and I don't worry about a thing. Thank you!


Love the staff! Top notch, best daycare for doggies ever!


The staff at Play Dog Play are so wonderful and caring, they get to know all the dogs and share how the day went. They are so helpful picking out the right food, collars, and toys. The space is big and outdoor time is the best! Korben LOVES it here and we're so grateful for such a positive place for our dog. He really never wants to leave!


I know Riley is safe and happy in the great staff's loving hands!


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