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At Play Dog Play, your happy pooch will romp and play with a group made just for them. Our own pack of dedicated dog handlers ensure a safe and fun environment while providing mental and physical stimulation for your pup. Hugs and belly rubs are never in short supply!

Both locations feature large indoor facilities filled with agility playgrounds, elevated beds, and a huge amount of tennis balls providing hours of fun, exercise, and socialization. Our outdoor play areas allow the dogs to take in the fresh air and enjoy a change of scenery.




Play Dog Play requires interviews for all dogs prior to their attendance in daycare or boarding at our facilities.


The interview consists of evaluating your pup’s behavior in various aspects of our facility environment.


While your pup is individually evaluated by one of our trained dog handlers, you will be able to watch the process from our observation deck and will be walked through the process by our awesome front desk team.

We do our best to keep all dogs in our care healthy and safe. As responsible owners, we expect that you monitor the health of your own dog and inform us of any concerns as you may have prior to daycare drop off.

Feel free to bring any toys, lunches, and treats you want your pup to enjoy during their day. For safety reasons, please do not bring in glass or ceramic containers. Any other type of container will be returned to you at the end of the day (along with any uneaten food or treats).

* Profession discount for essential service employees

* No daycare offered Saturday-Monday at our Williston Road location. Williston Road is open for recurring daycare clients Tuesday-Friday 7am-6pm 

Vaccines: Before your pup attends our facilities, we require proof of the following vaccines:

Daycare and boarding facilities are a high-risk environment for the spread of Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza, and we want to protect all of our dogs and keep them happy and healthy. 

As of 4/25/22, the Canine Influenza vaccine is strongly encouraged but no longer required.

Age and Status: Daycare is available for puppies 7 months or older.

Loving Pup Parent

Our pup loves coming to daycare! He knows the word "daycare" and gets so excited to see his friends. And we are happy to have a tired pup!

Loving Pup Parent

I pick up a happy, tired (mentally and physically) dog at the end of the day which leads to a relaxing night and usually next day for our family.


We love knowing that Salty and Louis are loved and are very active all day long. Thank you for loving our boys!


We have you covered!  Grooming services are available for any pup in our care.


Appointments are required for all daycare reservations. If you're looking for the day-of, give us a call to ensure we have room for your pup.

Recurring Appointments

Once you and your pup are settled into the daycare routine, we are happy to set up a standing reservation for your pup. You'll never have to worry whether your pup can attend daycare!

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