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Gingr Customer Portal

Setting up your gingr account

1)    Access our website here

Click “Log into your Gingr customer portal” on the homepage or through the “Contact Us” tab

Login to your account using the email address or cell phone number you provided Play Dog Play’s staff. Even if you have not utilized our services before, you are considered a “current customer” if you are scheduled for an upcoming interview.

*Note: at this time your interview appointment is not accessible through your account.

If you are having trouble logging in, please call (802)540-0545 or email info@playdogvt.com for help!


2)    Check your email or phone for a registration confirmation.

3) Hit “Set Password” to set-up your account and register!




1)    Click “Edit Info” to add or change information about you and your family


2)    Tab over to your pet’s name to add or change information about them


3)    Sign our standard customer agreement


Here’s what you can do on your Gingr portal:

1)    Upload files such as new vaccine paperwork


2)    Update the credit card number on your file


3)    Edit your Communications Preferences on how you’d best like us to reach out to you


4)    Upload photos of your pups! We love seeing them!


5)    View your past and upcoming reservations


Heads up!

Awaiting Action: You have requested a service and Play Dog Play is pending approval for it. Please ensure your reservation has been confirmed before coming in for your service.

Confirmed: Upcoming services that you are scheduled for.

Wait List: Play Dog Play is currently at capacity for that location and service. If a spot opens up, we will reach out to you and let you know.

Checked-in: Ongoing services

Completed: Services from the past

Cancelled: Services you have cancelled in the past.

*Note: Your initial interview appointment will not be reflected in your Gingr account.


6)    Request Services: Select the location, service, and pet(s) you’d like to book.


Add re-occurring dates (ex: every Friday for a month) or add another reservation (book multiples of the same service at one time).

*Note: Please reach out to Play Dog Play staff directly if you’d like to set up a standing reservation.

Generate an estimate of the services. Please note that these may not reflect all additional charges such as late pick-up.

7)    Check out of hours, contact and map features or link directly to our facility website to watch the webcams! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns and enjoy your Gingr portal!